Google spread sheets

What is google spread sheet?

A google spread sheet is where heaps of people can connect to a excel sheet on the internet and connect with each other at the same time.

How did we use this program today?

We used it today for comparing classes to classes and person to person.

What other ways could you use this program?

For planning a party, time table, office work, events and menu’s.

Who was the best class and why?

7E We are all awesome for all different reasons.

Reliable websites

How to tell a reliable website from an unreliable website.

things to look for:

  • last updated
  • authors name
  • spelling errors
  • facts not opinon

Link to a reliable website moon-landing-a-defining-moment-in-history.htm (moon landing)

Link to unreiable website (moon landing)





I’m really proud of my report. Every teacher says I should keep working like I have been. I was really impressed when I made the Warrnambool College netball team. I have been getting really high marks on all projects. I am really pleased with all the feed back teachers have given me on how to improve myself. I am really happy with my report and school year so far.

Cyber Safety

Today in my class I learn’t two new things about Cyber Safety

1. Never tell anyone your passwords ( Not even your best freind).

2. Never leave you accounts open on your screen when your not there.

For more information go to

Smartie statistics

In class today we learn’t about Excel we did graphs to show what we did.

In my packet of smarties I had 11 smarties.

The most common colour smartie in my packet was yellow with a total of 3.

The average amount of smarties in a pack was 11-12.

The most common colour of a smartie was blue.

I find that Excel is easier to add up you just select the cells you wanted added up and it’s pretty much done.

The Fill tool is good and easy to use.

Multiple Intelligence

I completed a survey which said my strengths are:

Interpersonal- (People Smart)

If you are people smart you will like to mix with other people and you will belong to lots of clubs. You like team games and are good at sharing.

Musical- (Music Smart)

If you are Music smart you will enjoy music and can recongnise sounds, and timbre, or the quality of a tone.

Visual/spatial- (Picture smart)

If you are Picture smart you will be good at art and also good at other activities where you look at                                                                                     pictures like map reading, finding, your way out of mazes and graphs.

I agree with this because this is what I do all these at home and school I love playing music and taking photos and i also love  being with all my friends.

The most intresting thing is I didn’t excpect such high results in the survey.












Hints For Effective Google Searches.

Today we learn’t how to do quick and easy google searches.

Here’s three tips for some quick and easy google searches.

 1. Use key words.

2. Use quotation marks for advance  searches.

3. Less words are better it’s easier for google to find it.

Bad search

The winner of australia’s got talent 2011.

Good search

Australia’s got talent winner 2011


Shepherds Pie

Shepherd pie

Great tasting food easy to make and looks amazing.

It’s quick.

With the mash potato it should be smooth, soft and light.

In the end the Shepherd’s pie look great and light.



Yummy healthy food great for a party and snacks.

Taste amazing.




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